// Colors // // Grayscale and brand colors $color-primary: #13b1cd !default; $color-blueviolet: #9877ea !default; $color-red: #c54041 !default; $color-gold: #b99769 !default; $color-dark: #222324 !default; $color-dark-light: #242526 !default; $color-heading: #242424 !default; $color-white: #fff !default; $color-white-opacity: rgba($color-white,.8) !default; $color-white-opacity-light: rgba($color-white,.5) !default; $color-white-opacity-lighter:rgba($color-white,.3) !default; $color-white-opacity-lightest:rgba($color-white,.1) !default; $color-text: #656565 !default; $color-gray-light: #cecece !default; $color-gray-lighter: #aeaeae !default; $color-sky-light: #f5f8f9 !default; // Body // // Settings for the `` element. $bg-color-body: $color-white !default; $color-body: $color-dark !default; // Links // // Style anchor elements. $link-hover-decoration: none !default; // // Typography // // // // Font, line-height, and color for body text, headings, and more. $font-family-primary: Lato, sans-serif !default; // Default Font Lato font family $font-family-secondary: Montserrat, sans-serif !default; // Secondary Font Montserrat font family $font-family-playfair: Playfair Display, serif !default; // Default Font Playfair Display font family $font-family-themify: themify !default; // Icon Font Themify font family $line-height: 1.6 !default; $headings-margin-bottom: .75rem !default; $headings-font-weight: 400 !default; $headings-line-height: 1.2 !default; // Z-index master list // // Warning: Avoid customizing these values. They're used for a bird's eye view // of components dependent on the z-axis and are designed to all work together. // // Note: These variables are not generated into the Customizer. $zindex-navbar: 1000 !default; $zindex-dropdown: 1000 !default; $zindex-cart: 9999 !default; // Navbar $navbar-height: 5.5rem !default; $navbar-height-shrink: 3.4375rem !default; // Options // // Quickly modify global styling by enabling or disabling optional features. $enable-hover-media-query: false !default; $enable-child-media-query: false !default; $enable-before-after-media-query: false !default; // Spacing // // Control the default styling of most Dublin elements by modifying these // variables. Mostly focused on spacing. $spacer: 1rem !default; $spacer-x: $spacer !default; $spacer-y: $spacer !default; $border-width: .0625rem !default; // Container // $container-sm: 750px !default; $container-md: 970px !default; // Grid breakpoints // // Define the minimum and maximum dimensions at which your layout will change, // adapting to different screen sizes, for use in media queries. $grid-breakpoints: ( // Extra small screen / phone xs: 0, // Small screen / phone sm: 34em, // Medium screen / tablet md: 48em, // Large screen / desktop lg: 62em, // Extra large screen / wide desktop xl: 75em ) !default; // Grid containers // // Define the maximum width of `.container` for different screen sizes. $container-max-widths: ( sm: 34rem, // 480 md: 45rem, // 720 lg: 60rem, // 960 xl: 72.25rem // 1140 ) !default; // Typography // // Font, line-height, and color for body text, headings, and more. $font-family-ionicons: Ionicons !default; // Ionicons Icon font family $font-family-icomoon: icomoon !default; // icomoon Icon font family // Pixel value used to responsively scale all typography. Applied to the `` element. $font-size-root: 16px !default; $font-size-10: .625rem !default; $font-size-11: .6875rem !default; $font-size-12: .75rem !default; $font-size-13: .8125rem !default; $font-size-14: .875rem !default; $font-size-15: .9375rem !default; $font-size-16: 1rem !default; $font-size-17: 1.0625rem !default; $font-size-18: 1.125rem !default; $font-size-20: 1.25rem !default; $font-size-22: 1.375rem !default; $font-size-24: 1.5rem !default; $font-size-26: 1.625rem !default; $font-size-28: 1.75rem !default; $font-size-30: 1.875rem !default; $font-size-32: 2rem !default; $font-size-34: 2.125rem !default; $font-size-36: 2.225rem !default; $font-size-38: 2.375rem !default; $font-size-40: 2.5rem !default; $font-size-42: 2.625rem !default; $font-size-44: 2.75rem !default; $font-size-46: 2.875rem !default; $font-size-48: 3rem !default; $font-size-50: 3.125rem !default; $font-size-55: 3.4375rem !default; $font-size-60: 3.75rem !default; $font-size-65: 4.625rem !default; $font-size-70: 4.375rem !default; $font-size-75: 4.6875rem !default; $font-size-80: 5rem !default; $font-size-85: 5.3125rem !default; $font-size-90: 5.625rem !default; $font-size-95: 5.9375rem !default; $font-size-100: 6.25rem !default; $font-size-105: 6.5625rem !default; $font-size-110: 6.875rem !default; $font-size-115: 7.1875rem !default; $font-size-120: 7.5rem !default; $font-size-125: 7.8125rem !default; $font-size-130: 8.125rem !default; $font-size-135: 8.4375rem !default; $font-size-140: 8.75rem !default; $font-size-145: 9.0625rem !default; $font-size-150: 9.375rem !default; // Forms $cursor-disabled: not-allowed !default;